Ground Floor



more than just a gogo

As soon as you enter Soi LK METRO from the Soi Diana entrance, it’s very easy to spot. Described when we first opened as “the biggest and brightest gogo bar in Pattaya”, we’re pleased to say that still holds true today.

Walking up the ramp (KINK is wheelchair friendly) with one of our hostesses you’ll be welcomed by our friendly security guards. Upon entry our hostesses will show you to a seat of your liking, and with drinks menus at each table it wont be long before your enjoying cold one.

Downstairs is your pretty much standard layout for your standard gogo bar with the two tier seating to the left and stage in the middle of the floor. To the right we have 3 large accommodating U shaped sofas, great for large groups or singles with large groups of women.

As the clock strikes the hour, get ready for showtime as the floor from above will slowly descend to allow our showgirls do what they do best. Once the shows over, like most, grab you beer and bill and see what’s going on upstairs, if the show is anything to go by it will be fun !?


more than just a club

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in fully stocked bars

No half measures at KINK, our fully stocked bar can provide anything from a San Miguel to a bottle of Dom P champagne or a Sang Som and coke to a single malt on the rocks.

Dance Lounge Bar 1
Dance Lounge Bar 2


state of the art sound

We invested in a brand new JBL speaker system with Pioneer Nexus CDJ’s and mixer to give a premium audio experience to go along with our “visuals”.

Sound System 1
Sound System 2

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